Dating huge cleavage

Rule #1 STARE WHEN SHE’S NOT LOOKING I know it’s hard to resist staring at a woman’s breasts while you’re talking to her.You wait for a moment to catch a glimpse and you can’t hear anything other than, “look down… look down…” It can be really distracting, especially if she’s revealing a bit of her cleavage. If you really have to look down at a girl’s cleavage, do it when she’s looking away for some reason.Unfortunately for us men, staring at women’s shirts is as involuntary as a knee jerk.

If you’re trying to figure what I’m trying to say here, all I’m trying to get into your head is, if you’re over 30 and haven’t figured out how to stare at a woman’s cleavage discreetly, give it up.That’s the best thing to do, because you get a little sneak peek and she gets to talk to you without feeling uncomfortable.You may think you got away with staring in the middle of a conversation, but remember, a woman is extremely conscious of her body, and trust me, if you look down, she’ll know!You’re not her guy, so what makes you think she’ll be happy to flash her breasts at you without feeling uncomfortable, unless you picked her off the red street.Checking out some girl’s cleavage or her breasts is not bad, especially if you think it’s attractive.

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