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The worst case scenario is being someone who gets a bunch of likes and now you have to pay for a month of premium membership just to find your matches. Not because it’s the poor mans Tinder, but because the site actually offers you WORSE women in almost an aggressive manner.

Also, let’s not bullshit like this site is not mainly built for manwhores to find a new catch, that and Badoo and Bumble.But the inherent problem with it isn’t that it exists, it’s that as an average looking guy, this site humbles you like a motherfucker as far as looks.And with looks, you can’t deny that such things factor into why so many men tap out the dating world on the whole.As I’ve learned, not every good man comes in a tall good looking body, but not every woman that is a good match comes in the body of 1996 Claudia Schiffer.But that’s why Tinder sucks particularly as far as what makes one build their confidence as this app lets you know off break that you are an average to below average looking guy, and that your going to have to accept that just finding sex will be harder because frankly there very well could be someone out there that likes you for you, but honestly, it sucks knowing that they probably aren’t going to look like a model. Not really, but let’s not pretend that primary attraction doesn’t exist and that having to force yourself to go on blind dates even when you know what they look like isn’t just a tad bit annoying.

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