Dating etiqueete

Being late for an engagement is rude to your guest and shows an inherent lack of regard for their time. Unless you and your date agree that you’ll be ordering for the both of you (or that you’ll pick each other’s dishes as a fun game), don’t do this.

Pushing your ideas about food onto another person is rude.

Lying in any relationship is a major no-no, but it’s especially important to be honest with someone you’re romantically involved with.

A lie is a lie, no matter how far into your relationship you are.

In these increasingly casual times, some of the nuances of being a good date are being left behind.

Sure, you know you shouldn’t chew with your mouth open or discuss politics, but there are plenty of fumbles, both big and small, that can take a date from a great night out at a romantic restaurant to a night you wish you could just forget.

Even if you have the best intentions, scheduling and rescheduling a date over and over again makes it seem like you don’t actually have any interest in following through on your plans.

This can mess with someone else’s emotions, which certainly is a little rude.

Admittedly, it’s not ideal to be brutally honest to a fault (especially about things that aren’t even asked), but be sure to be real with the person you’re with.

Now, if you’re going out on a date with your longtime partner, your feelings on these things will have been long-established.

However, nothing puts a damper on an evening quite like a discussion about your finances or the White House. You’re interesting and cool and people tend to like you a lot.

Just because you manage to stay off your phone doesn’t mean that you’re going to be an engaged date.

To show your date the extent of your adoration and interest, be sure to make eye contact.

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