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“Finding the right word to use isn’t always just about what the word means, but what it conveys about you, your personality, your background,” said Lauren Sliter, Senior Manager of Marketing and Content Strategy for “Word choice is very intimate.” can provide relevant context for online daters, especially beginners, seeking romance or love.

I call myself “an unabashed bibliophile” in my dating profile because it’s an easy literary litmus test to give date prospects.

He had said the magic words, and, as they say in sports, it was a slam dunk.

When you’re online dating, the words you choose matter a great deal, and not just to word nerds like me.

It sounds like you’re using a dictionary, which isn’t the goal of using a dictionary.

“The fact is, not everyone cares about grammar and spelling, and that’s okay,” said Jane Solomon,’s Linguist-in-Residence.

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