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This means that always the active women aged more than men. Most interesting is that in Belarus after WW2 till now boys get extra care from mothers, perhaps even unconsciously, moms indulge the whims of boys, while girls from the cradle grown in severity and limitations that are impossible for Belarusian boys.

And if so, the conditions “in the market” are dictated by men. After the war there were no fathers after giving birth to children (often women just preferred to have a baby) or fathers were busy for the next five-year communism construction, while the others continued to suppress their war and camp memories with vodka.

Belarusians are small nation living in voluntary isolation.

Belarusians are always interested in foreigners and foreigners are interested in Belarusians.

Belarusian women, of course, have something to be proud of.

A foreign women tend to notice mediocrity and carelessness of Belarusian men. Serious women, focused on relationships and marriage and therefore may take the balls hard, you will not even notice.

For example, in Germany the number of same age guys compared with the number of women is the same in the age of 50 years; in the UK at the age of 40; in Canada at the age of 53; in Italy at the age of 47, in the Netherlands after 64; in Nigeria after 49; in Kenya after 46; in Ukraine at the age of 29.

In Belarus, the number of male ready for relations and reproduction is compared with the number of women is equal not even at 29, but much earlier, at the age of 25.

Crazy not so much on beauty, but on complaisance and almost Protestant practicality of Belarusian girls, with whom foreigners build strong families.

And Belarusian women find in foreign husbands what they could not find in male-Belarusians at home.

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