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They are, for want of a better phrase, more intimate. They carefully present superficial information about themselves, the people they hang out with, where they’ve been, what they’ve done, and what they want in a partner.

When you read these profiles, you have learned what that person wants you to know about them, but little about who they are.

I like to be around people, so I would hope he’d have long-term friends who would want him to be in a relationship with a good person.

We would share everything and be a team, especially when either one of us need support.

I would prefer that he be taller than I am, but not fat because my mom always hated her overweight body and I stay thin because I don’t want to be like her.

My perfect partner needs to earn a good living and hopefully is a professional, but it’s more important to me that he is honest, pays his bills, and has integrity.

These profiles are much more accurate descriptions of who they truly are and what they really want in a partner.

These more successful, authentic dating profiles contain more visuals, evoke more emotion, and share more profound experiences.

Despite many connections, most are disappointed with the difference between whom they expect to meet and who shows up.

I love people who stand up for themselves and not scared. I want desperately to love someone who loves me, too. I’m shy until someone gets to know me and I feel safe.

I do like sex, but I have a hard time showing that side of me because I’m afraid I’ll be rejected so I just wait for someone to want me. I’m trying hard not to feel defeated." "I would like a partner who knows who he is and isn’t afraid to be up front about his thoughts and feelings.

I’ve pled with my patients for decades to risk writing honest profiles rather than media-driven sales pitches.

Their common argument is that they will have the best chance of getting good responses if they follow those guidelines.

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