Dating a reclusive person

If you want someone who can really get to know your children, you might be better off with another partner.

You need to find out how close he's willing to get, and whether you'll ever feel like a four-person family.

I've never been in a relationship with a loner before.

He and I have great chemistry with intellectual, emotional, and physical compatibility. But the last two years has revealed that while he is respectful, courteous, and kind, he will not deeply engage with my children, family, or friends.

But my friends were here first, they’ve had my heart for years and in some cases decades they’re my heart and soul and I’m lucky that Boyfriend has never had a problem with that.

Sometimes the best thing about Boyfriend is his ability to be logical, something I sorely lack; he never gets emotional when I bail on him to spend a night in with my roomie or a night out for wings with the boys and he never intrudes on the most holy of days, Sunday brunch – unless he’s been invited.

His ex didn’t like most of his friends and she found it difficult to make an effort with his people so more often than not he went out without her or he stayed home to cuddle; there’s nothing wrong with cuddling but it’s easy to see why their relationship fizzled when she wasn’t willing to make an effort with his people.

I am single because despite all my efforts I haven’t yet found the person who I would want to be in a relationship with. It feels like I am losing a battle against myself, against time. I know that it’s part of life, but I am the kind of person who just likes to win. I am free to do whatever I want, I have the whole bed for myself, I don’t need to schedule my days around anyone else’s schedule — I could write a whole listicle about it, just to prove how much I know that it has advantages.I'm a woman in my 30s with two elementary-age children from a previous marriage.I've been in a steady relationship with my partner for the past two years.Do you come crawling back to me like you never left?Are we all of a sudden friends again because you have time for me now?

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