Craigslist dating scam

While some ticket scalpers do sell on the platform, many of the sales come from scam artists instead.

Scammers will often sell fake tickets to various events.

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Warning Rhode Islanders "My neighbor told me that she'd seen people coming by when I was out. I know Craigslist has on the posts to not send money, but these people are desperate -- some people have to move, you don't know why -- and they have a limited budget, and they see the price listed," said Guertin.

There are many different scams out there, including ones that take place on Craigslist.

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Some of the Craigslist scams are extremely obvious, but others are not. It was a widow selling a truck that used to belong to her fiancé before he died overseas in the military.

I was almost the victim of a Craigslist scam myself. She “just wanted to get rid of it quickly” and was selling it below book value.

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