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“We were talking about morning routines, and she was telling me how they have to brush their teeth, comb their hair, and put on their sunscreen before they come downstairs, and my eyes just got big,” recalls Barker.

“Between hydration, fruits and veggies, karate clothes, and school assignments, I just didn’t think about sunscreen.

In the beginning, I really used teeth and cavities as the analogy to skin and old age.

I showed my kids pictures of healthy skin versus sun damaged skin.

There are studies showing a direct link between oxybenzone and octinoxate contributing to coral bleaching.

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Since we’ve made it part of our morning routine, it’s just like clockwork now.Pollution from excessive use of soaps and cosmetics can reach our dining tables surprisingly quickly and easily, through fish and crustaceans, damaging not only the planet, but also our own health.Here are some simple tips for a more sustainable daily routine without having to give up cosmetics.•Choose a single product for different uses: from 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners to lipstick that can also be used as blush, using a single product for a variety of purposes can help to reduce plastic packaging, which also saves money.The advice remains not to abuse them, to optimize the number of pads by using them to their maximum potential, and of course to throw them in general waste, not in the toilet.•Throw away cosmetics after the expiry date, which varies and depends on when the product was opened.For this reason, although it might seem obvious, don’t have too many similar products open at the same time, to avoid the risk of not finishing them when expected and having to dispose of them before you need to.•Avoid scrubs and toothpastes that contain microplastics: these are dangerous for the environment, they enter the fish food chain and then end up on our plates.

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