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In contrast, Central Bucks, at a ratio of 9:1, demonstrates that a similar population can be served effectively by a single district.A single countywide district would still operate the same number of schools, and there would be no impact on the number of teachers.

This generates a ratio of municipalities to school districts that doesn’t even manage 1:1.Going to a countywide system means the unit of competition is the entire county.Land-use decisions can be based on what makes the most sense from a regional perspective, rather than on which of 30 atomized school districts is going to reap the fiscal benefits while its neighbors get nothing.This means that when a new shopping mall or office park opens, the host municipality wins and all of its neighbors lose.Increasing the number of municipalities served by a school district would go a long way toward reducing inter-municipal competition for taxable commercial property (the “ratables chase”).

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