Consolidating knowledge

You become so focused on keeping everything organized, that every time the professor makes a mistake and goes back to correct it, or erases a graph before you’re done copying it diligently, it throws you off your game. Instead, you should be focused on just getting it all down.Plus you’re not present in the discussion, focused on the concepts being presented – instead spending your hour in class as a transcription robot. It doesn’t matter if it’s messy or disorganized, just that you can read your own writing for later.

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When you’re actively concentrating, your brain is in focused mode, and you’re concentrating on new material, forming new connections.

Someone who thought, My understanding of what it took to be an engineer (or do any sort of real world technical work) back then was totally skewed, but that wasn’t the only problem.

But I guess it’s time for the world to finally see who I truly was back in college…I was… Yes, one of those extreme students who made sure to always carry at least 4 colors of pen, a straight edge, and a clean, clearly-labeled notebook.

Spending hours after class going back through and re-organizing my notes meticulously until I was satisfied with their prettiness and organization…Just think, if I had spent that amount of time on something that was actually productive – i.e. For most of us, the problem with studying isn’t that we don’t want to do the work – it’s that going in, we’re not actually sure what we need to be doing to best prepare for the exam.“I feel like writing notes is a waste of time for me and this is probably the biggest problem I have.

actually doing practice problems, or preparing for exams, or doing projects early rather than cramming everything into 16-hour marathons at the last minute. I previously wrote out everything I needed to know on flashcards and busted my way through those to get all the knowledge into my head.

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