Cincinnati dating newspaper

The city ignored a commission's recommendations that it look into charges of police brutality.The neighborhood's commercial strip was trashed and never really recovered -- Newark or Detroit in miniature.His inflexibility helps make Cincinnati the ideal launching pad for a career of notoriety.

We didn't know from the West Side, and vice versa.The gadflies prosper, and the power structure remains the same.Where but Cincinnati would a newspaper pay million, as the Cincinnati Enquirer did a few years ago, to a billionaire businessman (Carl Lindner) and pull a long investigative series about his banana company without so much as an explanation of what, if anything, was untruthful in the story? Lindner defeated a grass-roots effort to build a new baseball stadium in Over-the-Rhine, where residents hoped it could spark a community revival.He was stranded with a date in a movie theater on a bad corner.Betty also said her husband was armed and ready for any strangers nearing our cul-de-sac.

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