Christian perspective on internet dating

Love at first sight can definitely happen, and there have been plenty of stories about people who fell in love within weeks of meeting and who are still together today.However, you want to somewhat guard your feelings online when you find someone you click with — at least at the beginning.In 2014, the FBI received more than 5,800 romance scam complaints.It’s no secret that there are deceptive people online who want to take advantage of others who might be in a vulnerable state — such as when they’re looking for love.In doing this, this article will address two issues.First, this work will survey how Americans in general and Christians in particular are using computers and the Internet.In his article, "Christian Scholarship and The Philosophical Analysis of Cyberspace Technologies," Douglas Groothuis points out that the recent explosion of cyberspace technologies into modern culture has raised some important issues and questions for Christian scholars who want to bring a Christian perspective to computer-mediated forms of communication.(1) He rightly states that, "Those who hold a Christian worldview need to discern the nature and function of cyberspace interactions in order to appraise rightly their significance, worth, and potential for the Christian cause and the culture at large." (2) The purpose of this article is to examine some of the important issues and questions that computer technologies have brought.

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The symbol next to our name is a sunflower, as sunflowers grow towards the sun, and we want to grow towards the Son in all we do.

Our theme verse is Psalm 105:4: "Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His face always."Math also helps us see the wisdom and care with which God designed a sunflower, which is a helpful illustration of how math helps us explore God's creation, thus pointing us to the Creator.

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