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"I turned eighteen three months ago, and I'm already pulling down more dough in a night of doing phone sex than you make in a fucking week." "Well, that certainly explains where you've picked up that foul mouth of yours," Melissa said.

"It sounds like you've got a fulfilling career ahead of you.

I figure they'll send me to the school guidance counselor before they bounce me, and I can let some shit slip about Daddy that'll fuck him over good." That was the worst part about Tia, Melissa thought.

I don't see why you're even bothering to keep our humble company." By this point, Melissa's sarcasm had moved past 'cutting' and was well into 'hacking', 'shredding', and 'mutilating'.

"Because my fucking dad fucking countersigned me, that's why! Some genius on the school board, concerned with rising drop-out rates, had pushed through a new policy recently whereby even students of majority age could be blocked from dropping out if their parents registered their dissent.

From all kinds of dildos (giant dildos, double ended dildos, crystal dildos, etc.), vibrators, strap-ons of all sizes, and many more, the fun just won’t ever stop. Some of these newbies even get discovered and try the porn industry as a career.

So whether it’s amateurs trying pussy for the first time with their real reactions as they dive into a whole different ballgame or professionals doing it for the hundredth time, these bi-curious babes, chapstick lesbians, and hardcore diesel dykes and more are just a click away and ready to be your next fap material.

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