Celebrities appearing on the dating game

Rumor has it that the sex scene in this movie was not a simple depiction of actors doing their acting job very well. This is another example on our list of a film from an independent studio, so they may have been able to get away with a bit more.Still, watch the movie and “don’t look” too hard or you may see more than you bargained for. The rumors say so and speculate that celebs Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were totally immersed (quite literally) in that sensuous scene on the hit television show.

The actor later joked about it saying his “O” face is captured forever.

Haven't seen that yet, but I did notice a few times when things were really on the verge of provoking the censors Rayburn would suddenly go all poker-faced and steer the conversation elsewhere [italic] pronto!

Hollywood is a magical land where just about anything can happen. Yup, that’s right, there have been instances of celebs going full-on intercourse for the sake of a great movie, television show, or music video.

So much so that it is said he got a sexually-transmitted disease from his dirty work on the set!

Apparently he received some worker’s compensation for the whole ordeal. Still, we might pass on watching this film; we don’t really need to picture Melvin in that situation.

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