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If you are a foreigner, there are some topics you should NOT broach until a German does.

Personal questions about a relationship, even amongst best friends, are simply not asked. Then there is the elephant in the room, the Nazi era.

The worst thing you can call someone really is a Nazi, so please don’t (yes I am talking to you drunk Americans).

This is a very emotional topic for Germans, even for the younger generation.

But what students’ interests and even the most fundamental reasons for going to university are different.

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This is not to say that there are no awesome college parties in Germany; there are.It’s just not as common or positively looked upon to drink yourself into a stupor.Social life in Germany tends to be relatively conservative.German university students tend to stay close to home when attending university, and many live in their parents’ home.The rest usually live in cheap apartments where the bathroom is shared.

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