Bob schneider dating sandra bullock

He developed a hip, entirely idiosyncratic graphic style that likewise distinguished his bands' posters and CDs.

At 44, he sits eye to eye with both his band and his fans – in intimate settings.But when I'm alone and making music, I feel very comfortable, very safe.I get a lot of joy from that and from performing the music in front of people.The difference is, I don't need it the way I once did." Seems pointless to ask B. Lonelyland, his first solo album, entered 2000 to respectable reviews, though a few echoed the Chronicle: "Lonelyland, Schneider's debut as a singer-songwriter type, is one more reason to coo over him ...because on it he proves himself to be more than a capable writer without having to rely on rhyming monosyllabic dirty words." In other words, don't hate Bob because he's beautiful.

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