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I found myself getting pissed off at men for the same reasons my girlfriends had gotten angry at me - "You don't tell me what's wrong, you don't keep in touch, I have no idea what you think of me." The type of arguing was surprisingly similar, though.I didn't really experience the "men are mean but women are cruel" a lot of people seem to. In my experience the men have been more openly romantic. Girls definitely seemed to enjoy getting things more, but it's possible I just haven't gotten guys as many gifts because I get nervous about what's desired or appropriate.So, what's it really like to be bi and date both men and women?Are there huge differences or surprising similarities?Therefore either men or women can be that way, it's just women get the stereotype of being the needy ones.

Also, she found that she didn't want to talk about the future with guys for fear of scaring them off.

Take a look: "I (female) find that being with women is a lot more secure in a way.

My girlfriend and I aren't scared to talk about the future, it wasn't even an issue early on.

They acknowledge that what they say might be offensive. -With women, everyone will assume you're just best friends. Also the gossip has been the same, if not moreso with guys.

-Women tend to be more responsive to the subtleties in your body language during sex. My last boyfriend loved to gossip and chat about clothes, hair, makeup, food, drink, etc.

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    I tried to answer just enough to be polite because I was still interested in meeting him, but by the time the evening arrived, he was acting like I was already his girlfriend.