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Her CD was very powerful, and didn't get half as much play as it should have. If India was a bit more......."cute" do you think she would have gotten more recognition? I feel that Alicia was a bit more "marketable" and trendy (how many women were sporting Alicia like cornrows afterward? I feel she's very talented but MTV wore this girls videos out! They're just starting to really play the other two(Video being her first) since her nomination.

If India was with J Records with Clive Davis, I think we would be looking at a TOTALLY different picture. Being an open minded person, it was nice to see this type of music get a little props. Originally posted by Virtual Violet I hate to say it, but this sounds like the topic turned to "light v. While our people and our nation needs more of what India's music offers, A MESSAGE, they are not as accepting of it as they should be. Virtual Violet, I don't know about that, because Angie Stone is on J Records and even though they tried to pull her in with Alicia on those shows doing the remix of "Brotha" she still hasn't gotten her just due after all these years. But then again, Alicia Keys has Clive Davis behind her.Plus she is bi-racial and she is pulling 2 audiences.Her music is good -- I DID BUY it and rocked to it.ALICIA won this year, cleaned up -- you go girl but y'all it was bound to happen and will continue to happen that BLACK folks are going to be competing more and more against each other in these awards.I long for the day though where it is not a clean sweep of the SAME ARTIST but instead the SAME RACE!!

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