Amanda kimmel and ozzy lusth dating

The couple was caught on-camera having a steamy makeout session while their fellow castaways were trying to sleep.

Ozzy called his fling "jungle love" and revealed the pair tried to make things work once they returned home but their efforts failed.

Brandon won immunity during the challenge, then proceeded to give up his immunity necklace to Albert and in doing so, was voted out of the game.

Brandon is currently inhabiting Redemption Island with former Survivor contestant Ozzy Lusth.

Did they really want Ozzy to lose at redemption island?

Survivor: South Pacific, the twenty-third season of Survivor is expected to air on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011.

As of December 2011, Survivor has aired 23 seasons.

The following Survivor contestants were voted out with an idol in their possession.

James Clement Ozzy Lusth Jason Siska Colton Cumbie was medically evacuated with a hidden immunity idol in his possession.

And Jeff Probst said they've probably seen enough of Ozzy What happened to Ozzy?

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