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She had a high, lilting voice that sounded cheerful even when she wasn’t.Heidi was 33, tall and robust and dressed for the outdoors, but with a soft manner that seemed to belong inside.He might have eaten poison berries, by accident or by design—the location was ideal for someone who wanted to vanish, and Alaska is famous for attracting dropouts, runaways, and end-of-the-roaders who wish to conduct a life, and sometimes a death, in isolation.There were, to borrow one trooper’s phrase, a great number of “equally plausible alternative inferences.”Within hours, news of the discovery spread from the firefighters’ camps to the small communities along the Sterling Highway, the road that transects the peninsula. Later, Dolly began to hear from people around town.

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Also found at the site were three hunting knives, two quarters, two metal buttons, a zipper, and part of a Samsung mobile phone.Firefighters battling a huge blaze on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula first spotted a boot in the dirt.Then they noticed some bones scattered across a wide grassy area.Heidi worked at a coffee shop; Dolly helped her husband, an electrician, run his business.Dolly introduced Heidi as “my daughter,” and I would come to know the two women as a unit.

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