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Psychologists say Ashley Madison is tapping into the enduring appeal of infidelity — while the company didn’t invent it, it has created a space for it in the form of what New York-based sex therapist Sari Cooper called, “the modern version of the baths, the brothel, tavern, or dungeon.”“People have been having affairs long before Ashley Madison has been around,” said Toronto psychologist Dr. The website is merely enabling it by “removing the fear of the other person complicating their life — or at least think it’s removing the fear,” he added.“Anything that convinces the population that this is normal contributes to more people doing that behaviour,” said Amitay.’Amitay said Ashley Madison has honed in on a phenomenon that he’s often observed: affairs can happen when someone is reminded of their mortality after, for instance, a loved one has died or they have a serious health case.“When death is thrown in your face, it makes you think.Piers Morgan married second wife Celia Walden in a small church ceremony in Oxfordshire nine years ago this month.The couple has since had a daughter, Elise, who is now aged seven.

Charlottetown, PEI Ontario has the highest number of people looking for outside love!While the nation regularly gets to hear Pier’s forthright views being aired on Good Morning Britain, Celia is no wallflower herself.The former gossip columnist and critic, 43, previously revealed "I wear the trousers" in their relationship.And Celia shocked the world four years ago when she admitted to being a member of Ashley Madison, a dating website for married people seeking an affair.The eye-watering admission - made freely by Celia - was made during a segment on the Lorraine show in August 2015.

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