Advice dating independent woman

This is a fascinating subject because we live in a society created by men.

We still live in the so-called man’s world, which creates fantastic difficulties for the aspiring to be successful and independent woman.

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Sure, it can be argued women always had a major influence among powerful men, but that only argues decisions, not the actual undertaking of these decisions, which have most of the time been orchestrated by men. Women have the same rights as men and are able to do what they please.Thousands of years ago, when man was killing animals with his bare hands, a difference started to occur between the sexes.Men were able to do more physically intensive jobs simply because they had bigger and stronger muscles.First, let’s look at what this means in terms of day-to-day activities.Having a task-oriented approach means men think in the following manner when trying to solve a problem: “I need to get this done first, and then I can focus on this.

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