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Wouldn’t it be great if we could know right off the bat if the person we’re out on a date with is worth our time?

If we’re in the market for a relationship, we probably don’t want to waste our time and energy on someone who is better suited to a casual fling, and vice-versa.

It’s one thing to be bored on a date, but it’s quite another to express that feeling out loud.

The guy who does this clearly has little to no respect for us or our feelings, and is definitely lacking in the politeness department. Hey, at least he’s saving us the trouble of having to plan a second date!

If he’s not feeling a date, there are a ton of other tactful reasons he could give to cut things short. look up our dates online before meeting them, especially if we’ve met them via an app like Tinder.

In the age of catfishing, it’s natural for one to verify that the person we’ve been speaking with is who they say they are.

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Why would he be inclined to mention this to defend himself? Using the explanation, ‘I’m not crazy’ often means that someone has exhibited behavior that is pretty ridiculous or inexcusable.This guy will probably get too serious too fast and inevitably make a breakup a prolonged and uncomfortable situation. Getting invited on a trip with a guy we’re seeing can be awesome, assuming we’ve been seeing the dude for a while. However, being invited to vacation with someone we’ve just met – and on a first date, no less? This dude is so eager to get a girlfriend that he doesn’t care who it is.Going on a trip together for the first time is serious business, and not something someone who’s boyfriend material would suggest on the first date. If a first date is going well and we feel like going back to his place, that’s totally our call.This guy will always put his mother before us, and he will never grow up, because he’s never had a reason to.Having a close relationship with the woman who raised him is great, but when our guy is asking her opinion on us before he can make a choice about anything, it’s only going to drive a bigger wedge between us as time goes by. This guy seems to assume that he can compliment us while negging us at the same time.

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